Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Non posso Agitare quella sensazione.

Still In Russia, I hitched a ride to Moscow, on the way there a man opened the car door of the young donna that was kind enough to offer me a ride's car door.

“Move over,” the man commanded, holding a gun in his hand.

“Why, what’s this?”

“Bitch, if you don’t move, I’ll use this thing, got it?”

“Please, put that thing away,” she gasped.

“I’m warning you,” he huffed.


I, the while, was seduto in the backseat I was going to take a nap but that plan changed, I have no idea why no one noticed that I was sitting there. The donna did as the man commanded. Before she could run, the man started driving, taking the donna and I along for the ride. She was scared, I was still unsure how I was going unnoticed by this car's new driver.


“What do you want?” she eventually asked.

“Bitch, I don’t have to answer your question, okay? In case you haven’t noticed, I’m carrying a gun. Now, you just sit tight, and within the next few hours, I’ll be out of your hair,” he promised.

The next few hours would be taking us direttamente to the border of Moscow, I cant believe the dirottatori these days, no respect, when I was growing up, we always paid respect.


“How can I believe you? How do I know that you won’t kill me?”

“Calm down, bitch I must say, out of all the people that I’ve hijacked, I’ve never met anyone quite as talkative as you It’s troubling” he sighed.

The donna seeming to have enough of the guy built enough courage, took a deep breath and swore out. “I’m not going to take you calling me a bitch anymore, you fucking pussy. Yeah, you might have a gun, but you don’t know how to use it, do you? Of course you don’t, because if you did, you would’ve used it already. Oh, who are you kidding, this isn’t a life for you. Why don’t you go back home to mommy? If you’re good, maybe she’ll make you some cake,” The donna laughed.

“Girl, one more word out of you, I’ll blow your fucking head off! Do you understand?”

The donna went quite and lowers her eyes to the dashboard in-front of her
a few hours pass in silence...I meanwhile was extremely baffled on how I could go unnoticed and forgotten the entire time.

The dirottatori eventually speaks up "We're here now get out of the car"

“What do you mean? Are you going to kill me?”

“You could say that, I guess,” he answered, taking out his gun.

“Please...I have family”

“The moment I got into this vehicle, I knew you were hiding something, something big,” he frowned angrily.

“Wh-why would I be hiding something?”

“You tell me,” he growled as he smacked her.

“Please don't kill me, please...”

“If you don’t tell me what you’re hiding, I’ll be forced to use this fucking gun,” he threatened.

I deciso I had enough of sitting there wondering why he hasn't seen me, and the fact that he just hit the poor donna, I spoke up

"She hasn't been hiding anything, you just simply haven't looked behind you, we could of avoided this whole mess"

He starts to turn, but I shot him three times in back, well that was my eventful ride to Moscow, I found something on the man's body...need to check this out...still can't believe that idiot never looked back.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What I Believe

I believe that we are who we choose to be. Nobody’s going to come and save you, you’ve got to save yourself. Nobody’s going to give you anything. You’ve got to go out and fight for it. Nobody knows what you want except for you. And nobody will be as sorry as you if you don’t get it. So don’t give up on your dreams. we’ve all been lost for most of this life everywhere we turn more hatred surrounds us and I know that most of us just ain’t right following the wrong steps being led by pride our old wounds teach us something. They remind us where we’ve been and what we’ve overcome. They teach us lessons about what to avoid in the future. That’s what we like to think. But that’s not always the way it is. Sometimes there are things we just have to learn over again. It’s hard to accept, but you can’t change the past. You can’t go back and manipulate things to the way you wanted them to happen. Because life would be meaningless and boring and just not worth living. But you can change the future and that’s a beautiful thing about life. Yes, you will make mistakes. And yes, you will have bad days – but as long as you let the past go, you’ll have such a gorgeous and bright future ahead of you. Knowing that things were meant to happen. Knowing that each day you will learn something so that you keep growing to be a better person. Life is like a rope, twined in all its complexities and yet weaved into one marvelous stream that you have the chance you use something amazing from. So grab hold of it. Life is not always a bed of roses, and most of us would have had moments when we felt completely dejected and defeated. Well, the key to living a happy life is to take it all in your stride. Once you set aside the negative emotions, you will realize that every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Monday, March 23, 2015

UN Anno

Its been about a year of staying of the griglia, staying away from any sort of rete was relatively hard I still haven't found information on the caller whom of which called me that friday, strange things have happened, people that could of had information have gone missing and that "Slinderman" is all but gone, thankfully he leaves me the fottere alone, I am thankful for that, I have been in Russia for about six months now, as it turns out that man in my house was a Russian Speznaz agent, now that begs to differ why he was in my casa going through my things, taking my things, and why I couldn't pick up on the accent, so I am here to meet one of"friends", as I arrived in Town the cold winter like weather stung my cheeks, my fiato cut through the air as I walked to the only motel there, a quaint little Bed and Breakfast, this area is crawling with solders being on the "front lines" of their small war with ukraine, feeling like I was being watched I ducked into the B&B to check into a room. del mattino soldiers came knocking at my door to see who, I being the newcomer in the town, was, they rifled through my things held me at gun point for ruffly thirty minutes due to one of my bags having a Remington 308 silenced rifle..oddly they didn't take it from me, though I feel I will be watched closely from now on, which, for why I'm here, can be both a blessing and a curse, solders march through the streets and tanks guard street corners and buildings converted into military outposts like bears guarding their den, a sniper undoubtedly sits up in the churches bell tower, watching the distant landscapes for any sign of the nemico's troops, I walk the streets down to a farmhouse just outside of town, I greet the old farmer walk around back of the farmhouse and knock on the cellar door;

Three times, stop, four times, stop, once more.

A voice called out in Russian

"The forests of timber sure have changed"

"but the owls are still around"

As soon as I rispondere him with the right code, the cellar door opens up and a heavy set Russian in para-military clothing opens the door looks me up and down then lets me in, after a rather...personal...pat down to see if I had weapons, I am allowed to enter another set of doors leading to a rather large underground base like place.

"Ah dear old Adam, you sure look older now, your time in the America's have made this happen yes? come, sit, sit you are always a welcome guest here" The man talking was my "Friend" Виктор Павел (Viktor Pavel) and by Friend I mean we have tried to kill each other multiple times, enough time to where we became, somewhat friends.

I walk over and sit down with a sigh.

"No Viktor, it was your mothers cooking that did this to me"

"Really? I would of thought Italian like you could handle terrible cooking, considering Italians are used to it"

We both have a quick laugh before Viktor gets a grave look on his face

"Why are you here Adam, I may like your company but you are not one for visiting, is something wrong?"

"My house was raided by a Speznaz agent about a year ago, I came to you, Viktor with your connections and your intelligence you've gathered, do you think you could find out if any Speznaz agent were sent to America in the past year?"

"Raided you say? were you hurt? Bah, if you were you wouldn't be here, da da I can find out for you, do you have any other information besides 'Speznaz agent' going to take while for me to find him"

"I am willing to wait, something strange is going on, got to find out whats going on"

we talk late into the night catching up on events and laughing about the past, as I walked back to the Bed and Breakfast, I couldn't help but feel like I was being followed.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Well this..was fun

I sneezed away the dust up my nose on the monthly Saturday housecleaning I used to do. I have been away from home for a long time, so today I started cleaning as if nothing ever happened, If you cared to look in the lounge window as you passed my city-slick dwelling, parked in a close-knit community of upmarket overpriced semi-detached houses, you would see me bent over in a paroxysm of dust mite explosions. This particular Saturday, my starnutire fit began as I put hand to my velvet-clad couch and thrashed the dust into life. Tears acted like magnifiers as my occhio's caught a square of silver peeping through the large soft black cushions. Surprised, I extracted the shiny object. A cell phone! I turned it over and tried a few buttons to access the contacts. I almost dropped it as a loud fanfare of orchestral music from Vivaldi’s ‘Spring’ signaled a call. ‘Unknown’ showed on the screen. confused, I placed the telefono on the dusty coffee table, where it vibrated in a dance of unanswered rage. I felt guilty for some unknown reason. Whose telefono was it? Obviously not mine I lived alone, because my friend was murdered by that "slender-man" a few years back before. I had no visitors, that I could recall for the last few years because I wasn't home. People I knew before seemed busy and distracted and declined invitations to visit my house when I was here. Was it one of my old friend’s many ‘lost’ telefonos? I searched through ‘contacts’ again. None seemed familiar. I dialed a number at random. “Hello,” I said hesitatingly. What could I say to persuade the person I wasn’t some idiot fooling about? A female voice answered and declined to know anything about how her number was included in the phone list. She cut me off abruptly. I tried several more to no avail. Puzzled, I saw that the battery was running low and cercare in my box of collected telefono items for a suitable battery charger. This collection was due to the continuous stream of missing telefonos on my friend's part. I was in luck and thanked the standardization of modern technology and my obsessive need to keep the items in a closed box. I sent some of my contacts a message, asking if they knew the telefono’s owner. My Historical Expert's message came back, immediately curious about the telefono, but with no information about its owner. There was no message from my Paranormal Expert, who was usually the world’s promptest message writer. I sent him another message, to no avail. he was obviously busy, searching for aliens again I bet, I wondered if I would keep the telefono as part of my collected telefono items. It was password protected, so I could never turn it off and on again. A bit of a waste and so much for finders keepers! Saturday dusting now forgotten, I decided to make some coffee (with added Whiskey), this day would of been my day-off from the busy downtown private detective agency I used to run with my Friend. I was reminiscing about how'd I would of disturbed his busy day with a request for a code to unlock the password, and how I would of decided to leave it because he might of dragged me into some work. Searching once again through the telefono contacts for some clue, I gasped when I saw my own numero on the screen. What was it doing there? A sudden soft noise behind me drew my attention back into the room. I turned around and faced down the cold muzzle of my own colt .45. At the other end of the gun, I looked into a pair of dark eyes staring out from a black hooded face.

“Don’t move Rat or you’ll get it here and here,” a man’s low voice growled at me.

“What do you want?” I managed to say without sounding to bored.

“Gimme that phone,” he growled. Snatching it from my outstretched hand, he dropped it into an open sports bag at his feet. My eyes narrowed, as I saw the open bag’s contents.

“That’s my files,” I muttered coldly at him.

“That’s right Rat and now it’s mine. Turn around,” he commanded.

Strong hands gripped my wrists and with a push I fell off balance, face down on the floor, where he bound my hands and feet together. Sadly No counter- attack here!

“Stay quiet Rat or you’ll get it.” His soft footsteps moved to the lounge door.

“Why is my name on your phone? And how did your phone get in my couch?”

My questions fell on deaf ears. The front door slammed shut. With plenty of time to think things through, one question persisted. Who was the unknown caller who knew when I picked up the telefono?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Life Has Been Difficile

Sorry that I haven't posted much, my computer was spaccare in half by that cagna "Dr. Sanity." the things she did to me...well...Changed my point of view on somethings...per esempio don't ever show mercy...This is my City...I am going to protect it.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Patient #700 Test File #1

Date July 1, 2013

Patient: Nore, Adam.
Race: Caucasian.
Sex: Male.
Age: Thirty-Five.
Patient Number: seven hundred.
Diagnosed With: N/A.
Prescribed: N/A.
Attending Physician: Dr. Sanity. 

The Tests Begin

Saturday, June 29, 2013


I Finally get a connection in this damned place I found another picture of me on the back was written "You are being watched" the normal "Scare tactics" you would come to expect thanks to all the orrore movies out there.

When I got on I have found two post that I didn't do, However I did find the paper work in these "test files" it talks about, but I am not the one posting about it strange I will look into this further, I haven't been able to sleep due to a strange feeling of someone watching and a weird cough, this place is the hot spot I thought it was it is full of informazioni about "Slender Man" and a bunch of other "Fears" I due believe I may have found where it all started, the last thing I wish to say before I go take another look around is some of this place unused, I don't like it here but I am getting close to uncovering the truth.